Resources for the Case Interview 


In preparation for case interviews, the Stanford Consulting team has compiled a list of helpful resources for students to review.

Management Consulted

  • Subscription is available through Beam
  • Stanford has paid for you to have access to these resources so its highly recommended that students take advantage of this resource
  • For unlimited digital access to 500 practice cases, 8 video courses, and 10K math/structure drills, you can register here
  • Check out their case interview videos and extensive case bank.

Case In Point 

  • The go-to case interview prep book 
  • Make sure to read through all of the frameworks and run through the practice cases

Victor Cheng 

  • Includes free interview prep materials including articles and videos

Other Helpful Resources 

Case Coach


McKinsey Practice

Bain Practice

Deloitte Practice

Cornerstone Sample Cases

A.T. Kearney Case Book